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有鑒於網路泛濫的不道德搜尋引擎,專門蒐集網路上的郵件信箱,電話資訊,製成名單或資料庫售予不肖業者使用,如 EDM 電子宣傳單網站,利用寄發大量垃圾信件牟利,造成正當企業網路成本上的隕失,及造就【全世界網路垃圾來自台灣】的惡名,為抵制這些不道德的搜尋引擎,用戶們請勿直接在網站文件上填寫電子郵件及其他的聯絡方式,統一使用我們新開發的【聯繫工具】,可以更有效的保護您的資料不被蒐集濫用,同時瀏覽者也能夠聯繫到您唷。

In view of the spread of immoral Internet search engine, collects e-mail address on the network, telephone information, made the list or database sold to unscrupulous operators use, such as e-EDM publicity Site, using huge amount of rubbish sent letters profit, let a legitimate enterprise increase its own network costs, and create the [Taiwan is the internet garbage maker ] stigma, for resist these immoral search engine, users do not directly on the document filled out the web site and other e-mail Contact, please use our new tool (Contact Us Kit), we can be more effective protection of your data will not be collected abuse, and visitors can also contact to you.

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魚戀秋波 Neil Y.K. :

新版本的聯繫工具上線囉,本次的更新添加了 Google 電子地圖的支援,結合公司門市工具,一次設定簡單完成,維持原有的資訊安全特性,增加了更多的便利性。

New version of Contact tools is now online, we supported Google eMap in this upgrade, companies and retails integrated that easy to use.

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魚戀秋波 Neil Y.K. :

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