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Naofe Profile

Naofe Profile

Internet has always been energy market that every enterprise and business wanted aspires with. It’s hard to assess the efficiency of investments that cause the companies didn’t dare to make a massive investment. Then they uses their naively think, and spends a lot of money to make a website, then lie their mind that they already in the party! The website will eventually degenerates into ruin by smattering knowledge of internet marketing. Finally, they thought that internet marketing is infeasible. Actually, must of companies are faces this same problem. But the problem solutions will not spends high cost we think. Enterprise should spends time to their business not website constructing. That is our start line. We constructed a low cost Enterprise website system called Naofe.

NAOFE: Network Alliance of Fantasy Enterprise. This project developed several years by JABY Group. It’s a humanity, actively, low costly system. Every function was consider with marketing, online trade, security, convenient, credit and actualization. The technology of this project has beyond all others. Internet is going to help must group, not rich. Lower costing would help must group.

What will I have when I join this project?

  1. Get a completed website:
    There was too many free & poor quality services in this internet website constructing market, Misled those business owners. At the outside! It's just a page in yellow book of internet. The power of website is that visitor can felts truth and well business image when they visiting. Not only leave some messages on the webpage, example: tel, address, company name, That's a poor information. A completed website should offering companys to builds business image and enough informations, includes the environment of vistor response.

  2. Get brand in internet, increase fame and visitor:
    The basis of build brand in internet was constructed a completely website with well function and informations by maturity network technology. Actually! A famous brand can bring more vistor and business chances.
  3. Extend internet marketing:
    Construct a website was important like the store of retail business. Without the store, The retail business will not able to selling and marketing. Naofe offered all of the marketing tools, good tools makes task done well.

  4. Use internet to lowers costing:
    System will continues to develop tools to provide clients easy to manage business, through these tools can improve operational efficiency and save costs.
  5. The system and functions will be Automatic updates in free:
    Naofe was a independent system, developed by Jaby Group, It compared with open source system with a high level of integrity and maintenance, The system can adjusted immediately to close the business actual operations, the update keeps system always new, there is no need to re-build the system expired problem.

What should I pay for?

  1. Rent fee:
    Simplistic fee, in addition to special needs.
  2. Update your information:
    After establishment a website, You may manage it's contents or not, but frequently updated content and information is often get more Benefit of investment.

  3. 網路企業初始設計費用(推薦!但非必要費用)。
    光有網站沒有適當內容就如同擁有金店面卻沒有裝潢和生財器具一般,系統提供的是一個質優的網站環境 (金店面),網路企業初始設計就是為您的企業打造出獨一無二的網站內容,透過這些內容去彰顯企業文化及口碑,其中可能包含文字、圖形、動畫、影片、文章、 文件檔案等等,依企業實際需求估價,一般費用介於 NT$10,000 至 NT$ 30,000 之間亦可能因為企業規模而更高。當然企業主仍可自行設計,所以本服務為非必要服務,但推薦購買本服務,因為一個成功的網站內容可以提高網路行銷 70% 的成功機率。

  4. 額外的服務費用(非必要費用)。
    一些特殊的服務,如商品的攝影、行銷企劃、廣告制作、網站內容代更新等等服務,由傑比數位提供相關服務,詳細服務請參閱傑比數位設計網 站。


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